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OMG, the pain! The agony! Wrote this post before and it completely disappeared. So back to the drawing board. I hate you, WP!

Despite Hong Kong’s incessant need to diet, high teas are really popular on this city. And, as far as great teas go, the Grand Hyatt’s Tiffin Lounge used to have the best one in town. That’s right, “used to”.

For some reason best known to themselves, they moved the whole dang tea buffet down to the coffee shop in the form of what can only be described as a pre-dinner dinner buffet.
Replacing it at Tiffin is one of those odious two or three-tray dainty affairs that are completely ho-hum.

I know, I know, buffets can be wasteful but it’s not like they did away with a buffet completely. In fact, they supersized it, I think.

I don’t know about others but I really don’t want a full-blown buffet for tea; nor do I want to have my dinner at 3pm, but I do want a choice of enough sweets and savouries.

That was the great thing about Tiffin; there were enough to keep most people happy. So since then, friends and I have been trying to find a worthy replacement. We went to Island Shang’s Cafe Too, which went a little Too far when they presented us with our bill 20 mins before the buffet ended and suggested we take a hike.

So yesterday, we went to Cafe Grey in Upper House, after reading positive reviews. Well, it’s great for the view but the three-tray set for two was pretty forgettable. If I hadn’t taken a photo, I would have forgotten what I ate: except for the scones! It wasn’t that they were particular scrumptious but that they were big even by normal standards, but really looked incongruously so with the otherwise dainty set.

I’m sure there are places with decent tea buffets and I shall have to make it a point to seek them out. Until then, the tea buffet at Conrad’s Lobby Bar (which also does a great curry lunch buffet) gets my vote. It’s a modest buffet and they don’t put out a huge amount but there’s sushi, samosas, chicken wings, quiches, cakes – and don’t forget the waffles! Just enough to hit the right spot.




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