The story behind the blog

Sometimes it takes a close tragedy to make us appreciate the wonderful things that happen in our lives that we sometimes take for granted. I’ve often been told by friends how they live vicariously through me because of the doors of privilege that have opened for me whether through work or through friends who  *I* myself live vicariously though. I’ve hung out with movie stars, I’ve dined at some of the best restaurants, attended some of the biggest events not only in Hong Kong where I live but all around the world. This was certainly a life I would never have imagined I would be living growing up a small town girl from a family who could barely make ends meet and who, at best, could only be described as “average”: in studies, in sports, in looks…

But life did take off and sometimes I still have to pinch myself when I can waltz into a luxury boutique in Paris or Milan and walk out with a purchase or dine at Michelin star restaurants, and attend star-spangled film premieres. Mostly though, it became something me – and some of my friends – had taken for granted.

Earlier this year, I lost my best friend to illness. Before he died, he could barely get out of bed and hardly keep food down; yet a month or so before he died, he turned to me one evening and said: “We’ve been very lucky to have had such a life, haven’t we?” Yes, we have. My friend is no longer here to share this vicarious life with me,but it is to him that this blog is dedicated. Just a promise to enjoy life to the fullest, while I still can. Here’s to you, A, let’s continue sharing our vicarious life with our friends!


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